Care Philosophy

Care Philosophy:

When I am entrusted to provide care for my patients, it is an intimate experience.I listen to my patients’ personal details regarding how their spine limits their relationships, I understand their doubts and fears, and I share their hopes and expectations about restoring their life. Each story is unique, and the many options for treatment are chosen based on each person’s situation.
Compassionate surgical care is a team effort engaging the patient, family, hospital staff, and physician.  When a patient chooses to have an operation, they attend a preoperative class at the hospital, and then I see the patient and family for an additional office appointment a few days before surgery to answer all questions in detail. The family is engaged in order for them to learn how they be most helpful. If hospitalization is required, then we provide a private hospital room with an extra bed for a family member to stay overnight. I visit with each patient once or twice a day while in the hospital, and all of my patients have access to my cell phone. It is an honor to share my patients’ path towards recovery.