*  I would like to thank Dr. Shin and the staff for a fantastic job.  I could not thank you enough for all that you do for me to make sure that I’m okay, I could not ask for a better doctor.

* Dr. Shin is not only an extremely intelligent medical doctor, but he is also a superior state-of-the- art Orthopedic Surgeon. He has performed extensive surgery on my neck (C4 – C7 fusion in 2011 and C3 to C4 in 2018). He’s amazing because all of my pain and discomfort goes away after he fix my neck. Dr. Shin exhibits tact and empathy, as well as calmness, patience and extreme intelligence about Orthopedic problems. Twice, I put my life in Dr. Shin’s hands and each time, he has saved my life! Dr. Shin has successfully performed surgery on my husband’s back and prevented him from becoming parallelized and having a cerebral fluid leak in his spin! We truly thank GOD for experienced and talented surgeons like Dr. Shin!

* My experience with Dr. Shin was 23 years ago. I had a back injury that required a spinal fusion from L-5 to S-1. It was a complete success, before the surgery I was in a lot of pain and I was only walking to go to the Dr and around the house.  After the surgery my life went back to normal and you would have never known I had surgery on my back at all.  Dr Shin has been my savor from pain and I would recommend him to anyone. He has given me my life back on several occasions. I say a BIG THANK YOU to him and his staff.

* “I was in so much pain due to a disc in my neck. The pain would shoot down my let arm, and tingle and go numb, lived with this for almost a year.  Dr. Shin was my heaven sent.  He was very caring and concerned.  He called my daughter, who is an eye doctor in Colorado, and explained everything to both of us whenever I had an appointment.   He was very straight forward about everything we were going to do.  He sent me for an MRI, surgery was scheduled 10 days later, up walking pain free the same day.  Now I have no pain and the problem is resolved.  I wish I done this two years ago.  Thank you Dr. Shin for everything you have done for me.  God bless you and your staff.”

*  “I am so grateful to Dr. Shin for giving me my life back.  18 months ago I could barely walk into his office.  My spine was collapsing forward and I could not stand up straight because of the pain.  Dr. Shin did surgery that made my spine straight and he put in titanium rods to reinforce my spine. Dr Shin is a phenomenal surgeon with excellent staff and outstanding bedside manner.   We have thanked him ever since.”

*  “I am a Family Practice Physician, and I had surgery by Dr. Shin because I know him well and have referred many patients to him myself.  I have personally seen his handiwork.  I am impressed with his caring response to treating a patient in pain.  Dr. Shin is 100% professional, has excellent skills, and achieves excellent  results.  I am completely happy the way this has worked out for me.”

*  “I was miserable! If I walked more than 100 feet I would get shooting pain from my hip to my ankle. I could only shop for 20 minutes max, and only in places that had a shopping cart to lean on. . There was no way I could work. The pain in my leg felt better as soon as I woke up from surgery. After the soreness from the incision went away, I could walk, dance, and shop without pain. I went on vacation two months after surgery and was able to walk for long distances. I was worried that I would be laid up for a long time, but I was up cooking in four days and out to lunch in five! Dr. Shin is great! I was really afraid, but now I wish that I had done this surgery years ago. I could not be more pleased.”

*  “I was always active and involved in sports, including horseback riding, but my pain was increasing over the last several years.  I thought I would have to give things up – which was not an option.  I already had physical therapy, which didn’t help.  Dr. Shin took xrays in his office which showed that I had spondylolisthesis, and my vertebra would slip out of position whenever I bent forward.  The MRI that I had 4 months ago didn’t show the problem because the MRI was done with me lying on my back, and I didn’t have any pain when I am lying down!  Dr.Shin found out why I was having pain, and told me that my condition was not dangerous.  He said that if I continued to ride, I might have a flair up, but I would not need surgery unless the pain got to the point that I couldn’t stand it any more.  He explained so much more than I’ve ever been told about my back. I had an epidural cortisone injection on my back, and started on arthritis medication.  Then he sent me back to physical therapy which worked this time because I was actually able to do the strengthening exercises.  I am fortunate to have a skilled and caring doctor.”